Before genius superchef Robin Gill relaunched his Bloodshot Supper Club in 2022 he gave an interview all about it to David Ellis at the Evening Standard. It’s a great piece, explains ALL the background - why, where and how it started, why it stopped and why it started again. The link is below and It’s well worth a read.
These dark pictures are all from the Rocky Horror Show themed night at The Bermondsey Larder on Halloween (and were shot in candlelight at f1.7, 1/30th at 6400iso - hence the contrast, noise and blur).  
And what a night it was...
When a skinny, 7ft, half-naked drag queen in blackface miming to deafening Japanese folk tunes at 4am ISN’T the wildest thing you’ve seen, you know it’s been a good one. The Black Forest gateau dessert came in two stages - first someone hand fed you cake and then warm chocolate sauce was squirted into you mouth from a large syringe.
Course after course of great food from a raft of very talented chefs and a brilliant front of house team acting as ringmasters (and pouring some beautiful wines) until the sun came up.

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