Some Mondays Are Better is a rolling series of wine lunches, themed and organised by London sommelier Donald Edwards, with the tagline "Mondays don't have to be shit..."
Aimed squarely at the wine trade, they bring a monthly lunch of focussed fun for wine geeks. Somms, importers, suppliers, restaurateurs, retailers, educators, journos and, well, just geeks, all sit around a table on a Monday lunchtime and share the wines they've each brought. And argue about them.
Why Mondays? "Recently we've been a bit at a loose end on Mondays. The restaurant is shut, it's a regular day off. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else is in the same boat.
"So, I got to thinking about some fun things to do. I thought it'd be fun to curate a series of lunches. Lunches with purpose. Lunches that are properly memorable" say Donald.
The themes - like the venues - change each time. But in the past they've included 10+ year old Aussies, orange wines, wines from Ontario and grower fizz. And each theme is chosen to suit the food we're also sharing.
I get to go and take pictures because I co-own a wine shop with my darling wife who is a wine geek. These are a few of my favourites shots so far. The lunches are great fun and usually involve an after party. And sometimes an after after party. One thing wine people can (usually) agree on is that they know how to party.
if you're involved in wine and want to know more or get an invite - there are more details here.

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