Ten years spent building and running the digital side of Sky Movies, I understand the images needed to sell and promote movies and TV shows (and how to get them).
I also understand about deadlines, budgets and running creative departments.
At that time I was a BAFTA member and chairman of the organisation’s Digital Strategy Committee, steering it from it’s analogue past into it’s digital future. We worked closely with the academy's photography team on digital asset management and distribution.
Previously, as a journalist in newspapers, I'd watched the industry move from hot metal to photo and then computer typesetting.
Then, as a producer in TV news and current affairs, we moved from film to tape and then digital.
Change is constant and inevitable, but powerful images endure.
As a kid I was obsessed with space travel and just days after Neil Armstrong took his first photograph on the moon, I took my first photo on Winchelsea Beach. 
I still love rockets and Leicas…

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