These trees were shot through the dirty windows of a moving car as camera setting tests while we drove to Flagstaff in a snowstorm. I'm really surprised anything worth showing came out - it was just a very happy accident (I almost bulk deleted the whole lot rather than load them into Lightroom).
The title for the page came from a favourite David Sylvian album I was listening to while I edited them (another happy accident - fortunately the only accidents we had on this trip). While I was editing them, it struck me that they looked a bit like Japanese Shin Hanga prints from the early 20th Century - so I ran with it (and have included the picture at the end as a comparison). 
Also, Like a Chinese scroll painting the images have no real perspective and look flat (maybe because of or exacerbated by parallax - I'm not sure). Except instead of the image scrolling past me, I'm scrolling past the image.

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